Friday, January 04, 2008

First Friday in the New Year

Well I am back at work now, what a drag! At least it is Friday and I have a whole weekend to look forward to for knitting or crafting. Last weekend I went to the fabric store to pick up some supplies and also bought some more fabric. This time for myself. They had the prettiest calico reds out on the shelf and I could not resist. I am still looking for a quilt pattern to follow for that fabric. The fabric inspires me, but at the moment I am clueless on what to make of it still. Whatever it is, I am keeping it for myself. I better hide it from the girls and my sister. They always seem to get me to give them what I make. Oh well, at least I know that they will treasure it.
I really need to organize my art studio (child that left home old bedroom). I even thought about taking pics of it and posting it on here so that I would be motivated to post the "after" pics of same and get it done. I still have stuff down in the basement from when my little corner of the world was down there, mostly sewing stuff. Maybe I will work on that this weekend. I should also clean out my closet, never did get to that while on vacation last week. UGH!!! None of it sounds like fun really but I have got to get up off the couch in the evenings and start doing more.
No pics today, I am at work posting while I have a little down time. I have been working on the log cabin blanket in the evenings and it should be done in the next few weeks, unless I get distracted with another project. It is alot bigger, but I still don't think that it will be very big with what yarn I have left. I really do not even like the yarn I am using either (Lion Brand, Vanna White collection), so I must get done with it and let it be what it is going to be and then I can be done with that yarn. It is okay for yarn, if you like acrylic, which I do not. I thought it was soft enough in the store (and it was on sale) when I bought it, but it just doesn't feel like a soft blanket to me. Oldest daughter says she wants and I will probably give it her.
I do like the project though, it just all knit stitches, so very easy to pick up and still watch TV or listen to a audio book. I want to try another one like this, but different yarn.

For now keep on knitting or crafting....

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