Wednesday, June 18, 2008

4 & 5 are done now...

Here is square #4, got it done last week. Last night I started number 5 and got it done as well. Just forgot to take a picture. I was dreading #5 a little because alot of the others that are on this quilt along were saying it was a bit hard. And it was, but I did complete it without too much trouble. Now I am only 2 squares behind, or three if you count this week (they are on #8).

I also got some finished projects (baby blankets) in the mail and out to the new babies today. WHEW! Glad that is done and off my to do list. Do not know why I procrastinated so long on getting those outt. I think secretly I wanted to keep them for myself they were so pretty. But there are no babies in my little circle of family yet.

That is it for now, just a short note.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quilt a long square 3

Betcha you thought I gave up on the quilt a long huh? Well I didn't, but I am way way behind. I think they are on week 7 (square 7) and I just did square 3 last night. (sorry about the blurry picture, I was in a hurry this morning). This one was easy and I am getting better at matching up those points. You can still join if you want, it is never too late. Check out Crazy Mom Quilts blog if you are interested.

Here is another project I started as well from her blog. I think it is called the hour glass block. You basically just make a shitload of these squares (starts out as triangles though-directions on her blog) and then sew them up together. It is good for a scrappy quilt and I have plenty of those. I gave it a shot last night instead of working on another block for the quilt along. Yes, I like having too many projects going at once, keeps me interested. HA! HA!

I ordered some cascade 220 from webs (it was on sale) and started another wool sweater with the color work at the top from Elizabeth Zimmerman. Those are so easy. I was even knitting in the dark last night while watching the second season of Weeds on DVD (love that show!). I never do that (knit in the dark), and it was very liberating. To watch TV and knit at the same time without having to keep watching my hands, loved it. I usually just listen to the TV and then miss all the action. Of course this was just knitting in the round, kinda hard to mess that up. Believe me though when it comes to the color work and knitting with two hands, I will not be able to do anything but keep my head bent to my work and the color chart. I have to tune everything else out so I do not mess up.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Oh Crap, is that my office building on fire?!

Nope, no such luck today. That is a gigantic fuel storage tank on fire. It got hit by lighting last night in the storm and was still burning this morning. Which is fairly close to downtown where I work. Still had to go to work though, bummer...

Monday, June 02, 2008

Finished objects!!

Just a short note, I got the baby quilt done this weekend, WHO HOO!! I liked how it came out all crinkled looking, but my make your own binding needs some more practice. Got me a free motion quilting machine needle this weekend also (on sale at Hancocks!!). I want to try and practice that also.
I better get hubby up to the art studio though if I want to continue working up there. He needs to get the little air conditioning unit hooked up for me. I sweated like a pig up there this last Saturday and it was not a hot flash!
I also finished the granny square baby blanket. It was done, I just had to weave in a billion ends. Finally set my butt down and did it. Whew! Glad that part is done. Now I just have to get it in the mail to the baby that is over 2 months old now.
Will post more later, I want to get some of those graduation pics up here of the girls. Those are in the youngest daughters camera.