Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Its all good...

This evening finds me in the "art studio" (yeah!), working on another quilt. This one is the stacked coins quilt that is all over the sewing blogs. Super easy to put together. Tonight I am working on more free motion quilting and I think I am getting better. It does not look like a drunk person is working on this even though I am sipping on a glass wine this time in between my breaks while cruising the sewing blogs and getting more helpful hints on this fabulous technique.

I am loving this new quilting task, although it is a bit strenous on the arms, there is a lot of fabric to put thur the machine and my sewing arm is not that big. But I am liking how if I relax while doing it and not stress out so much worrying about messing it up it comes out better. It does take alot more thread then quilting in the ditch, which was the only quilting technique I would try in the past, but so worth it. I am thinking I might actual start liking sewing again, not that I would ever give up knitting, but I was more a sewing person before I picked up knitting.
It was also a beautiful day here in KC weather wise, and that always lifts my spirts as well. I hope this post finds all of you out there crafting as well.<>

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I have been lost but now I am found

First off, Happy Easter to you all! According do the dates on this blog, I have been MIA for darn near a month, how did that happen? Guess I have been in funk and I blame the damn weather. Spring is taking forever to get here and I miss the sunshine and being outdoors.
So this last week found me rummaging around in my fabric stash. Our son is getting married in June and I need/want to make them a quilt. I then found this quilt top buried under a pile of batting and since I have been wanting to try the free motion quilting for ages now and have never commited to it yet, I decided this would be the perfect top to try that out on.
I put the three layers together Friday afternoon, and commenced on the free motion quilting all day yesterday. It looks like a drunk person did the quilting on this one, but I am still verrrry happy with it. I decided before even finishing this project that it would be a pratice quilt and I would use it for camping anyways, so no pressure, just practice. It was a lot of work to work this quilt in my sewing machine (due to the bulk and my small sewing arm) and I took serveral breaks, but in the end I got it done by evening time yesterday.
Now it is off to find a quilt pattern for the son getting married. Their colors are black, red and white. I can't wait to get started now that my crafting mojo is coming back.