Monday, March 24, 2008

My books came!!

I ordered these a few weeks ago on Amazon, got them in last week. I haven't started any projects in them yet, was sorta lazy this last week for some reason (oh yeah, the back issue, that was what it was). My back is lots better now, thank you.
I also found out that a one of our good friends couple have adopted a baby!! I am so happy for them. They are having a baby shower this coming weekend and I have been banging my head trying to come up with something homemade that I can do quickly for it. I do have that new granny square blanket that I started that would be good, but I am not sure I can get it done by Sunday. I wanted to get fabric to make another raq quilt, that would be a quick and cozy project, but the fabric was not on sale this last weekend when I went to the fabric store. Maybe I will just buy them something and give a handmade gift later.
Nothing else new on the horizon, I am waiting for the weather to warm up around here so I can start doing some outside projects or just be outside. Spring is here by the calendar, but it really does not feel like it yet with the weather has been.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Another granny blanket done

I threw my damn back out this weekend! All I did was bend over to pickup the laundry basket to take to the basement. I did not even get it picked up before I felt this sensation in my lower my back and there it went. I did this last year when cleaning the carpet in our boat by being on my hands and knees with the little wet/dry vacuum and twisting all over the place in tight spots. Ruined our Memorial weekend at the lake to say the least with me in the camper in bed most of the time and no muscle relaxers! I really don't understand how I do this to myself. I did manage to get the laundry done though this weekend.

So I did not do a lot of crafting over the weekend. I did finish the second giant granny square blanket and gave it to Valerie. I only had about 4 more arounds to go so it did not take too long. I never did warm up to these colors I used and was glad to be done with it. Here is a shot I took this morning with it in use by her. She is on Spring break this week, lucky kid! Of course she was not happy with me when I turned on the bedroom light to take this shot at 7 am in the morning, but hey she was on her cell phone talking to her boyfriend already so what the hell.

Then I started another one with these colors, what do you think? I am liking this much better, sort of reminds me of the beach. Not that I go to any beaches or oceans here in the middle of the country, but we do go to the lakes alot in the summer.

Oh, and here is a bad picture of my first pair of lounge pants. I said I went with the size large and should have done the medium, well, I washed them later and am glad I did the large. They did shrink some and are perfect now. I really don't like my loungey wear to be too tight when I sit down. I want to be comfy and if that means big pants, then that is fine with me.

Monday, March 10, 2008

PJ bottoms

That is what I made this weekend, loungey pants. I would post a picture but while at home I could not find the USB cable for the camera because I have it at work. Now I am at work and the camera is at home. Go figure!
I am usually not a person that sews clothes, but these were super easy to make. The pattern said it would only take a hour, but it took me 3 hours. At least now I know what I am doing and I think it would only be an hour on the next pair that I make. I got the idea from this blogger , A Friend to knit with, and wanted to get the book she used In Stitches by Amy Butler, but no place around town had the book. On Saturday while in the fabric store I picked up a plain PJ bottom's pattern and got some fabric. I made the large ones but should have went with the mediums. I can be a in between size with the ones you buy at the store depending on how they are made. I loved them anyways. Sunday night I ordered the book from Amazon and will now wait for it to make the lounge pants I really want.
I also had to buy a new iron Sunday. My old one fell off the ironing board on Saturday when I was setting up to sew the pants. Hubby was just coming up the stairs into the studio when it fell off the board and he then asked if I thought it would still work. I said sure, no problem. Well, I was wrong! Good thing about it is that I was able to get a Rowenta iron this time around. I hear those are really good. The old iron always leaked water from somewhere when I was trying to steam iron, this new is not supposed to leak. I will let you know but I am sure I will really like it.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

I figured out some technology

Look over there on the left, I got the flickr badge on my blog. I just figured it out. I can be slow at times on this stuff. Oh yeah, and over on Ravelry, I am known as Camperjo, so look me up if you want. I guess that is how that works, I am still exploring over there, but did join a group for KC knitters (the name escapes me now).

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This is what I have been working on in the studio this past week or so. Another raq quilt. Actually, I got two of em done from the same flannel fabric. One is the size of a baby blanket for a cousin, and the other is a bit bigger. I am thinking of giving it to one of my nephews this upcoming weekend. My sister keeps hinting that all her boys need one now since they keep trying to use hers that I gave her for her birthday.

I thought the blue and yellow would be good together and they are, but that tan color fabric with the fire engines on it does not look right to me. I find that with these flannels, most of the prints on them are very child like, so when I am picking out fabrics for a grown up it can be hard to make it not seem like a childs blanket. Oh well, at least they are warm!

I got my ravelry invite. The same day I last posted about hoping it would come it came a few hours later. I have done a little exploring over there. It is a bit overwhelming at first trying to navigate my way around. I had to open a flickr account in order to up load photos, not a big deal. Now I need to learn to get those flickr photos over here on the blog. Technology!! It sometimes just seems like too much at times. I'm all for it in most cases, I am just getting tired of having all these login names and passwords to remember. Awhile back I actually forgot my PIN for my debit card and that was not the first time it happened either. I am not even that old in opinion, being 40 is like the new 30 right? Ah well, such is life.