Monday, March 17, 2008

Another granny blanket done

I threw my damn back out this weekend! All I did was bend over to pickup the laundry basket to take to the basement. I did not even get it picked up before I felt this sensation in my lower my back and there it went. I did this last year when cleaning the carpet in our boat by being on my hands and knees with the little wet/dry vacuum and twisting all over the place in tight spots. Ruined our Memorial weekend at the lake to say the least with me in the camper in bed most of the time and no muscle relaxers! I really don't understand how I do this to myself. I did manage to get the laundry done though this weekend.

So I did not do a lot of crafting over the weekend. I did finish the second giant granny square blanket and gave it to Valerie. I only had about 4 more arounds to go so it did not take too long. I never did warm up to these colors I used and was glad to be done with it. Here is a shot I took this morning with it in use by her. She is on Spring break this week, lucky kid! Of course she was not happy with me when I turned on the bedroom light to take this shot at 7 am in the morning, but hey she was on her cell phone talking to her boyfriend already so what the hell.

Then I started another one with these colors, what do you think? I am liking this much better, sort of reminds me of the beach. Not that I go to any beaches or oceans here in the middle of the country, but we do go to the lakes alot in the summer.

Oh, and here is a bad picture of my first pair of lounge pants. I said I went with the size large and should have done the medium, well, I washed them later and am glad I did the large. They did shrink some and are perfect now. I really don't like my loungey wear to be too tight when I sit down. I want to be comfy and if that means big pants, then that is fine with me.

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H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

Hope your back is better, that can be so painful and disruptive to your life! And for the pants, bigger is better.