Thursday, September 23, 2010

Now all I need is a grandbaby to wrap this in

I got it done, YAY!  It is not perfect, but it is crinkly, cuddly, and soft.  And I got it done just in time, fabulous.  I also managed to squeeze in some housework today too, begrudgingly, but I did do it.  I am so much happier when I am in the studio, even if I do feel like a tortured artist at times. 

Will I make it in time??

Here I am two days away from the baby shower trying to finish the quilt for grandbaby.  What can I say, but that I am a procrastinator apparently.  At least I am to the actual quilting part today.  It should not take me too long to quilt it.  So far it measures 56 x 44, so I think it is doable to get it done in time. 
My house may not be shining clean for the day of the party, but I will get this quilt done in time, yes I will.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finally back to sewing

Here is me in the studio yesterday on my birthday sewing.  Working on a baby quilt for the first grandbaby that is soon to be here.  I have also been told that a second grandbaby is now in the making as well.  Our youngest got married this last summer and is now expecting as well.  WOW!  Two grandbabies so soon. 
I feel blessed of course, but also a little overwhelmed by it all.  All three of my children, who are in their 20s now, have kept me on my toes this last summer. 

My hubby got me a camera tripod for my birthday, and I just tried it out for the first time with my remote with the camera.  I am impressed and this picture inspired me to blog about it (or show it off?).  I wonder how many "action" shots I will be taking with me it in now.  I usually do not like myself in pictures, I can be too critical of my flaws.  Oh the joys of turning 43, huh? 

Ok, back to crafting, I have taken this week off from work for a vacation, to stay home and craft and prepare for the baby shower that is to take place in our backyard this weekend.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for good weather as my home is small and it would be way too crowded for all those people to be stuffed in my house.  We are expecting approximately 40 people this weekend, whew!