Monday, January 24, 2011

Dr. Suess hat

Gbaby Lilybug wearing another hat I made her.  I am calling this one the Dr. Suess hat.  Love it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Round and round

Where it stops I do not know.  I am one the fifth sheet for this crochet rag rug now.  It is really getting too heavy to keep in my lap.  I am thinking I am going to have start working on it on the floor and I am not looking forward to that.

Monday, January 17, 2011


  • For some reason, all I want to do is knit hats.
  • They keep your head warm.
  • They are fast and easy to knit up.
  • And you can put them on your gbaby and she cant complain about it.
  • I am liking this bullet format way too much.
  • Today is a holiday for me, and I am in my pj's contemplating if I should stay in them all day and knit more hats.
  • I think I am going to have to get dress though, as I did start taking the dog for walks so I gotta stick to that routine as he liked it of course.
  • Those walks let me look at other peoples houses, and now I want to put a front porch on our house.
  • I think it is doable as we built our deck on the back of the house.
  • My husband is really good at carpentry. 
  • His day job is a HVAC specialist.
  • His response to the porch building, "I am not doing that until it warms up."
  • I said, "I know, I was thinking in the spring." 
  • One of my goals in life is to own a lake house, but that is so far in the future, it almost seems unattainable.
  • Since we live only a mile from Longview lake, I am starting to think that our current home can just be our lake house.
  • A lake house with a big inviting front porch.
  • Now I can't stop googling for images of front porches.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

This hat I am keeping for me, same beret I knit up previously, The One Day Beret, from ravelry (link in previous post.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One day beret, almost

Beret hat made for sister in law to match her mitts, from Ravelry, One day beret, I started this on Sunday during the Chiefs playoff game, and finished it on Tuesday morning.  I have made three of these now, and keep giving them away, must make one for me to keep.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


  • I read alot of books and have owned a Kindle for a little over a year now. 
  • I am in a book club and there are 11 of us in it. 
  • I was the first in our club to own a Kindle.
  • There are now 6 of us that own one, and one that has a Nook.
  • Those last few are starting to feel left out now.
  • Our current book selection is the Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins.
  • I read The Pioneer Woman blog and she inspires me.
  • I have learned alot about digital photography from her.
  • I still suck at taking pictures.
  • But I love love trying to get better.
  • I also read Soulemama blog.
  • It makes me wish my kids were little again so I could be their mommy all over.
  • I think I feel that way today because I babysat gbaby over the weekend.
  • Our second gbaby is going to be a boy, so now we will have one of each to love up and spoil.
  • I just want to spend the whole month of January in my pajamas at home and craft all month long.
  • I think I need to start walking our dog daily, he sits at the window barking at all the other dogs going for a walk in the neighborhood.
  • But it is January, cold and it snowed yesterday, and I am still in my pajamas right now.
  • I feel good that we stuck to our budget for Christmas and there are no credit card bills due this month from the holiday.
  • The holiday felt less stressed out last month and I did not have to wrap so many presents, YAY!
  • Which meant that I actually had the time to wrap the few presents prettily and  I made my own bows.
  • My only new years resolutions is to try and be kinder to everyone around me.
  • I have to remind myself of this at least once a day.
  • It would be easier if they would just let me stay home in my pajamas and knit all day.
  • Maine Morning Mitts made for my sister in law last weekend.
  • And I am going to go do that right now.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

And a new year begins

 See, told you I was knitting still, a hat above for my daughter in law.  It should have been done in time for Christmas, but alas the holiday got in the way.  The important thing is that it is done now though.  Sent home with my son just a few minutes ago to give to her.  Hope she likes it.
For the new project, I am working on a crochet rag rug, for the most recent bedroom in the house that was vacated by the last child to leave home.  Yup, we are officially totally empty nesters now on the home range.  All I can say about that it is, it ain't easy.  It has been a few months now since the last one left and I am getting used to it, mostly.  But it sure is quiet around these parts now. 
Enough whining from me, now back to crafting.  Happy New Year to you all, may it all be good!