Friday, September 28, 2007

Hey It is Finally Friday!!

I finished my first week back from a working vacation at home. We took last week off to build a roof over our deck. I would love to post pictures of same, but my camera battery is dead at the moment. We have a lower and a upper deck off the back of our house that hubby and I have built ourselves over the years. We also have a huge pin oak tree in the middle of our backyard that is very lovely in the summer with all the shade that it provides. Unfortunately it also spits out unwanted debris all the other seasons of the year. Most bothersome of all are the acorns, which are all over the decks and get stuck in the cracks of the deck boards, which in turn make it unbearable to go outside and relax on the deck in barefeet. We build the roof over just the top deck, the one that comes off of our bedroom and has the hot tub on it. We really wanted the roof so that in the winter and fall when it rains and snows we can still go out at night and enjoy our hot tub without having to clean up a path first. I should say though that my hubby of course did most of the work on this roof since I am not very helpful on ladders at all. He is the best hubby to have, a real Mr. Fixit, and he loves doing that type of stuff. I am very happy that he chose me as his partner in marriage.

As it turns out though, I did not get much knitting done while all that was happening on the home front. Sirena closed on her house that first weekend we were off and we helped her move into her house (which I forgot to take pictures of even though the damn camera was in my purse). She loved the dishcloths and was very appreciative to get same from her mom. It is always nice that someone likes what you have knitted for them.

Now I want to make a log cabin blanket, but am fearful of spending all that money on the yarn for same. The one in the book Mason Dixon knitting that I have (the same the dishcloths are from) calls for over 32 colors to use!! I need to find some cheap natural yarn to use for that. I will most likely get it from Knit Pics, I have been very satisfied with my few purchases from them thus far.

Oh, and I had a birthday last week, the big 40!! It was really nice actually, nothing that I dreaded at all. Most of our friends are already in their 40"s and I am always the baby/youngest in our group. So it was delightful to turn 40 for me. Hubby bought me a tandem bike, totally retro also. I love that bike! It was a little shaky the first time we rode it and turned our first corner (you have to turn wide), but otherwise I am really enjoying this bike. I like that we have to both ride it together. Hubby works lots of long hours, so I am usually at home alot in the evenings by myself. The two kids that are still left at home, work evenings or out hanging with their friends. We take every chance we can now to ride that thing around the neighborhood and I feel so cool and hip when are doing it (is that dorky or what?).

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dishcloths are done

Here they are in all their glory... I hope Sirena likes them for

her new house. She closes this coming Friday.

I only made six, but was hoping to do seven, but I am weary of this pattern, for awhile at least. I want to get back to my rockin sock club socks now.

For now keep on knitting..