Sunday, October 25, 2009

Was I not supposed to do that?

This little pup is named Todd. I know, weird name for a dog, right? He is our daughters new puppy and she named him after the fox in the Disney moveie "Fox and the Hound" because she thinks he looks like that fox. He is at our our house frequently and we have taken to referring to him as our grand puppy now. He recently discovered my yarn stash when my back was turned the other evening.

Most folks would probably be upset if a dog did this to their yarn. I, on the other hand, quickly grabbed the camera and started snapping. I was surprised at how well this dog stayed in the picture. He owned it by end of the photo shoot session.

Now I just have to keep a eye on the yarn stash..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

oh yeah, I was supposed to give you a update

Here is the quilt after it was washed, love em when they are rolled up like this. The receiver with his birthday quilt. The darn thing shrunk almost 5 inches!!! I was shocked at that, but I do love the crinkly goodness of these after they are washed. It is now 46 1/2 x 66 1/2, a bit smallish for a grown man. Ahh, such is life though.
I usually do not measure these, but I will remember to do so in the future and take into consideration how much shrinkage is going on now.
I am still adjusting to my new meds, have also been doing fabulous with the no smoking and am very happy with myself. I am tiring easily around here and trying not to stress too much at work. Life is too short to take that job as seriously as I had been, God only knows that they would not be as loyal to me. I have some yarn laying next to me calling my name and am going to go and knit this wonderful Sunday afternoon away. Take care everyone.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Hello October!!

Wow, almost a month went by without a word from me, huh? Must have been super busy. I was so busy and stressed out that last weekend I ended up in the hospital, UGH! I am okay though, but am in the process of making serious lifestyle changes now. Turns out I was having little TIA's which are like little mini strokes that cause no damage but are big warning signs that a big stroke is coming. I have quit smoking now, am on blood pressure meds and cholesterol meds as well. Fun times here at Aunt Weens. Really though I am okay, finally getting this blood pressure thing under control and the quit smoking was not really hard at all, which amazes me.

Anyways, onto crafty news, as you can see below, another hat with ear flaps was knitted up this last month. Here is my good friend, Captain Jack, and his new hat for the winter. It was his birthday last Monday but he got his hat a little earlier.

I also made this quilt for him, got it finished today and it is now in the washer. Before washing it measured 50" x 71", so a good size for a throw I think. I don't know why, but I kept procratinating on getting this one done, probably because of the aforementioned medical issue maybe? And I just thought I was being lazy and tired all the time.
Can't wait to see how it crinkles up!! This is a close up of it before it went into the washer. Will post later about the results.

The weather here is cooler and windy today. I think winter is going to be here before we know. I better get busy on hand washing all those hats I made last winter. For now, keep on crafting my friends.