Sunday, October 25, 2009

Was I not supposed to do that?

This little pup is named Todd. I know, weird name for a dog, right? He is our daughters new puppy and she named him after the fox in the Disney moveie "Fox and the Hound" because she thinks he looks like that fox. He is at our our house frequently and we have taken to referring to him as our grand puppy now. He recently discovered my yarn stash when my back was turned the other evening.

Most folks would probably be upset if a dog did this to their yarn. I, on the other hand, quickly grabbed the camera and started snapping. I was surprised at how well this dog stayed in the picture. He owned it by end of the photo shoot session.

Now I just have to keep a eye on the yarn stash..

1 comment:

Christine said...

He does look quite proud of his work, doesn't he?
Good thing he's cute!