Sunday, October 11, 2009

oh yeah, I was supposed to give you a update

Here is the quilt after it was washed, love em when they are rolled up like this. The receiver with his birthday quilt. The darn thing shrunk almost 5 inches!!! I was shocked at that, but I do love the crinkly goodness of these after they are washed. It is now 46 1/2 x 66 1/2, a bit smallish for a grown man. Ahh, such is life though.
I usually do not measure these, but I will remember to do so in the future and take into consideration how much shrinkage is going on now.
I am still adjusting to my new meds, have also been doing fabulous with the no smoking and am very happy with myself. I am tiring easily around here and trying not to stress too much at work. Life is too short to take that job as seriously as I had been, God only knows that they would not be as loyal to me. I have some yarn laying next to me calling my name and am going to go and knit this wonderful Sunday afternoon away. Take care everyone.

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Christine said...

OH that's beautiful all rolled up, tied with a ribbon!

YES take it easy at work. Life is too short. Knit away, my friend!