Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hey there...

Apparently I fell off the blog wagon, WOW!  Not for any particular reason unless we count being cranky with menopause, but that is not what this blog is about.  I am thankful that I want to write again and share my crafting experiences with you all again.

Hmm, let me think back and talk about what I did craft while I was MIA. Of course I have no pictures to share today.  That would have required planning on my part today and that did not happen.  I did finish a few quilts, one for baby Caden, my grandson, and one for my nephew and new neice that were wed back in December 2011 (YAY for them)! 

I have also been knitting still just not as often as I would like.  Still making my birthday hats, but I do confess I fell behind when November hit and now owe about 3 hats to family members.  I did not want to punish myself during the holiday season with trying to get knitting projects done during that hectic season.

I did get a Christmas stocking knit for the grandson, just barely in time though, and that was okay, as long as it was ready for Santa to fill it with goodness, right?

I passed on the knitting bug to a few family members too.  My daughter in law Candace and neice Sam.  Started them on the gap-tastic infinity scarf and they both picked it up so fast.  Those two are super smarties.  It took me forever to learn to knit as I had no one to teach me but the books I had on  hand.  All those diagrams and words just did not click for a while in my brain.  So much easier to have someone on hand to teach you, right?

My youngest daughter and grandson are living in our home again, but only temporary, they will be moving to Iowa soon to be with the hubby.  You can ready more about her over on her blog, http://vprinty.blogspot.com/.  It makes my heart sing to see her writing too.  Maybe someday I will share my experience of teaching her to knit.  Here is a clue, she is left handed.

I will share pics soon of all my aforementioned projects, in case any of you are interested.  Otherewise, why don't you share with me who taught you how to knit or are you self taught too?