Monday, May 19, 2008

Is it done yet???

Whew, this last week has been busy for me. Got the oldest graduated last Friday at Municipal Auditorium with associates in Graphic Design and we now have the youngest left to do tonight for her high school graduation. In between there were dinners out and the barbeque yesterday at home for all the family and friends. I am plain tuckered out now (and broke)!!

I did squeeze some craft time in when I could. Above is a baby quilt I am started from fat quarters. I know, I know, what happened to the quilt a long you ask? I am still working on it but got sidetracked after looking thur a quilt magazine. I just wanted to try this and see what would happen. Not perfect by any means as my oldest, the graphic designer, pointed out to me.
The quilting of it is done and I just have to get the binding on it. I challenged myself and tried some different things with this since it was a small project. I did diagonally quilt lines instead of in the ditch, and those lines are not perfect at all. I did not have a good guide when I was sewing them, but I still like it. It will work as a baby blanket even if it is not perfect. Now I just need to find a baby girl to give it to or keep it for my own grandbabies when they come along.

I am off now to finish up all this graduating business. Next week will be my time, we are going canoeing and camping at the river. WHO HOO!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I gave my mom her sweater today and I think she liked it. I was worried about giving my mom a wool sweater in the middle of May, but it was cool today (is spring ever going to get here?) and it turned out to be a good present for the day.

I had the family over for a barbeque to celebrate all the Mom's on my side of the family. Here we are together, my sister in law Beth, my sister Robin, my mom, and then me.
Then the mom's with their kids, my SIL Beth with her two boys, Dillon and Brandon.
Me and my kids, Jeffrey, me, Sirena (she worked a split at Pizza hut so she is in her uniform) and Valerie in the front.
My sister Robin, and her three boys, Zach, Kyle, and John Robert.
And then my mom with her three kids, my sister Robin, my brother Gary, and me.
I hope you all had a FABULOUS mother's day, I know I did. Next weekend will be more of the same as we have the two girls graduating, WHO HOO!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I got the second block done today for the Quilt A Long

Here they are. Much better this time. I had to get my seam allowance right (just had to move the needle over to the right). I still did not get 12.5" though, but they are 12" so it will work for now. this is the second block, and the points MATCH! I am very glad that worked out on this one.
Of course when I redid the first block, my points did not match. I figured out what I did wrong though, one of the pieces where supposed to be 3 7/8 inches and I was off 1/4 inch on that. I am going to keep it for now and see how it works with the other squares in the future.
I am off again tomorrow, so who knows what kind of crafting trouble I can stir up then.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I was unable to

get to the second block of yesterday's quilt along because I was working on finishing this knitted sweater for my mom for Mother's Day. Take a look..

I started this sweater for myself over a year ago and put it down when the Christmas holidays came barreling toward me. It is a Elizabeth Zimmerman one and so very easy and fast. I used Cascade 220 (love that stuff). It looks really rumbled in this picture, I still have to weave in the ends and block it. I also might redo the ribbing at the bottom as I realized when I picked this back up that I did not use smaller needles for that part (I did for the sleeves though, go figure??).

Here is the current progress of the recent giant granny square blanket I have been working on when I have the time. It is to be for a friend and her new baby girl who I think is now 2 months old. Current size approximately 32 inches square, made with Lion Brand Cotton Ease (comes in lots of colors).

I will have this Thursday off for Harry Truman's Birthday ( I work for the local county government where he served as the leader of same way back when) and I am taking Friday off as well. I hope to be able to do some sewing then and get back on track with the whole quilt along project at that time. I still have to check why my seam allowance was off and Crazy Mom Quilts gave a good way to check same this week, very helpful. I tend to become a scatter brain when I go from craft project to another sometimes.
Friday is also my 12th wedding anniversary with this guy. Current picture shows us at the bowling alley and being goofy while second daughter took picture.

Currently we have no spectacular plans for same, maybe just a quiet evening out for dinner and movie.

Well, that is it for now, keep on crafting..