Thursday, May 14, 2009

She did not have to steal it from me after all

I gave it to her on Mother's day, my mom in all her glory. She loved it of course and now I am her favorite again. Not that I never was, but you know how it is when you have more than one child, right?

Here are the results of the last month. I still am in awe of my creativity during this time. Four quilts in one month, how awesome is that???
I hope that my son and his finance do not visit this blog too often (if at all?) I never know, but this is their wedding gift. My daughters love it so I am feeling good that they will too. I still have to label it and give it a name.

This last one I was for sure going to keep for me. I still do not have one that I have made and kept for myself yet (okay, the pratice quilt will be for camping but I am sure I will share it with others, it does not count). The oldest daughter, I gave it to her on Mothers day even though she is not a mom yet, she is just now coming out of a really rough time in her young life, she is going thur a divorce and it has been awfully hard for her (and her parents). So I named this one "New Beginnings" so that she can have a fresh start. I hope that it gives her comfort.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

all I can say is that I am glad this is now done

This quilt above is for my son and his future bride. Their colors for the wedding are black, white and red. A little too down for me for a quilt, but I am fairly certain she will like it. I pushed myself to finish this beast last night, got it done around midnight and popped it into the washer. It was very satisfying to take it out of the dryer later this morning and admire all the crinkly goodness of the quilt though. I hope it brings them many years of happiness because that is what I think of when I snuggle under a quilt.
This one above, I finished a few weekends back. It was my second try at the free motion quilting and I love it. I decided to keep this one too for myself, although when I have my mom over again on Mother's day, I think I will have to hide it. She has already tried to pry it away from me.
None of these are perfect in any sense but I am having fun making these lately. I just realized that I have finished three (!!!) quilts in less than a month, that is a record for me, in years past it would take me darn near a year to finish one and those were not anywhere near as wonderful as these. Of course, my kids were little then and I did not have as much time as I do now to spend on crafts. Well that is something good to say about being in your forties, you now have more time for yourself (yeah!).