Thursday, July 12, 2007

I have been too busy to blog...but here are some pictures for your enjoyment...

This is from last camping trip to the lake at Stockton lake here in Missouri on the 4th of July. It was just us two couples with no kids, so we had to bring a fake couple here to play with. Meet Harry and Sally. They were a big hit on the lake at the party cove.
This picture is what happens to you when you drink all day and hang out in the cove in the sun.... This is our friend Todd and he was a big hit as well.
Here is a picture of sundown on the lake, not bad for a digital camera.

Here is Todd and Denise on their boat trying to get to the party cove first for the day.

And here we are at the party cove doing what we did all weekend.

Denise and Todd, cute couple.

And no, I did not get much knitting done on this camp trip, just what I did in the car ride down to the lake. But I did get enough done that I finished a pair of rocking sock club socks. The first pattern for the year. Only took me 3 months to get them done, ha! ha!
For now keep on knitting....