Thursday, March 22, 2007

Comments in Blog Land

I am back, was not blogging for a while or knitting really. Guess I lost my mojo for a while. But it is coming back now. Maybe it was the whole end of winter thing going on, and on, and on.
I have been reading lots of blogs though (and not commenting, shame on me) and came across a interesting conversation going on over here about the whole commenting on blogs. I have to agree that I think it is sad when you come across a blog that no one is leaving comments on. Mostly because my own blog is that way. It really does not bother me that no one leaves me comments, but when I do get a comment it is the best thing that has happened to me that day. It makes me feel that whatever I am blogging about someone is reading/listening to what I am saying. I am not a invisible blogger out here. I do know that I have friends at work that do read my blog on occasion, and they hardly ever leave a comment, but they do comment to me in person about whatever I wrote about on my blog. Sometimes I will secretly think to myself when they comment to me in person about why did they not just put that in the comment section to me. But I do not take it personally that they do this, or that no one leaves me comments, because as I said earlier in this entry, I myself am not a great commentor as well.

I do agree with January One about the whole blogging thing being a relationship and that a relationship takes care in building it and nurturing it. I think one of the reasons that I am not a commentor is that I do not think my writing style is up to par when compared to alot of the others blogs that I read. I do not currently aspire to be a writer (used to think that I should write a novel about my weird circle of friends), and I do not take care in my writing to make sure that I am using the English language properly. I just write when I want to and what I feel at the time. I blog because I like to post pictures and talk about my knitting projects. I like feeling that I am part of this whole knitting community that is out there in Internet land. I know that I can reach out to any one of these bloggers and feel confident that they will reach out back to me. I guess I have not done that because I have not been very good at nurturing my own real life friendship lately. Maybe it is because I am getting older, selfish, tired, or whatever. It does take effort though and sometimes I just want to read other blogs and knit and be inspired by their blogs. I should make more of a effort though when I am inspired by these artist though, because I do know that feeling when you get a comment on your own blog. It is spring, which for me always means new beginnings, so here is to blog land and making comments (lifts coffee cup in toast!).

For now, keep on knitting.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

NO STR yet

Got home last night and no package from the Rocking Sock Club but here it is (hopefully), or at least on its way to me. We did get the TV light bulb yesterday, so that was a big comfort to be lazy last nite and watch reruns of the Sopranos on A&E. I promptly fell asleep before the end of the first show.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Ho Hum

I have been doing some knitting, but I think I have fallen into a slump. I have been doing a lot of reading on other blogs and it seems that others are feeling the winter blues as well and are just as uninspired as I am the moment. I am sooooo ready for spring to show itself, and it may have today. On the way to work this morning, hubbie pointed out a robin to me. This is, according to him, the first sign that spring is here FINALLY!!!

It has actually turned out to be quite warm today in KC, which always makes me feel better if I can get some sun on myself. This past weekend we went to the local big box do it yourself chain store and I bought some Elephant Ear bulbs. I started not to, since I can not plant them just yet, but hubbie reminded me that I better get them now or they would be out of them when I could plant the darn things. They had some extra big bulbs this year, so I grabbed two, and then a package of smaller ones. These seem to be about the only thing I can grow in our yard. A green thumb I am not. Every spring though I think I can be and end up buying lots of stuff to plant that sometimes makes it and sometimes does not. I don't care though, it is really the getting outside and playing in the dirt that I like best, and if something good comes of it all the better. If not, then there is always next year, right?

I was reading some blogs last night about raising sheep. Somehow I have gotten it into my head that this would be a great way to spend my life - out in the country, raising sheep. Nevermind, that I know nothing about being a sheep herder. There are books right? And the internet to glean information from. Who knows, for now it is just a dream that I could not possible afford to start.

I am also a bit bummed that I did not get my socks that rock kit yet. Lots of others have though and have been bragging about it all over the internet. UGH!! Maybe the package will be there tonight when I get home. It would also be nice if the package for the replacement lamp bulb for our TV is there as well. It decided to go out weekend before last in the middle of a Saturday afternoon while I was on the couch beginning to knit. That is probably when my knitting slump hit come to think of it. Oh sure, I can go in the bedroom to watch tv and knit in bed, but I usually end up scrunched all the way down on the bed and fall fast asleep before I even pick up the needles. Much better to stay sitting up on the couch and listening to the TV instead.
I am still working on one of the baby surprise sweaters and I have a pair of socks that I started, but I think I am not getting guage on those socks. Need smaller needles and I have refused to go buy anymore at the moment. Was hoping those STR sock yarn would have been here by now.
Well no pics this week, and tomorrow is the weekly yarnoholic meeting at work during lunch so we will see what happens then.

For now keep on knitting, or get some sunshine and chase away those winter blues so you can pick up the needles again and be inspired.