Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Sirena

This is my oldest baby, she turned 24 yesterday, and I am certain that she thinks I forgot about her birthday. See I went to work yesterday and sent her a email at her work, but no response. Then I left the office early because I was not feeling well and came home and slept off and on until 9 PM last night. I then check my cell phone and she had texted me "Happy b-day to myself", a big guilt trip for me, no? I already knew she had plans for the night so was not too worried about getting with her on her big day, but still, I am her mother and don't want her thinking I forgot her birthday. I then called her and she was having dinner with friends and told her Happy Birthday and why I had not called, and all was forgiven then. So here's to you Sirena, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope to see you tonight to give you your present too (she is newly single and living that fabulous single girl life now). Love ya lots girlie, you have come a long way in your short life and I know that you are destined for even greater things. HUGS & KISSES to you, MOM.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What I have been up to now that summer is here...

The SIL and BIL loved their gift. I named it Green Apples (his nickname is Apple btw).
Tubing everyone at Stockton lake over the 4th of July Holiday

And hanging out in "party cove" at same lake (yes that is a blow up doll, her name is Sally and it made it really easy to find our peeps among all the other boats out there when we were done tubing the kids). You can see just a small portion of our boat on the left hand side).

I got the art studio cleaned up tonight, so maybe if my pocket book allows it soon I can get more fabric and start some more quilts. Or maybe I should finish up some unfinished knitting, huh? I have not knitted in several months now, but I can do that come fall, right?