Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Sirena

This is my oldest baby, she turned 24 yesterday, and I am certain that she thinks I forgot about her birthday. See I went to work yesterday and sent her a email at her work, but no response. Then I left the office early because I was not feeling well and came home and slept off and on until 9 PM last night. I then check my cell phone and she had texted me "Happy b-day to myself", a big guilt trip for me, no? I already knew she had plans for the night so was not too worried about getting with her on her big day, but still, I am her mother and don't want her thinking I forgot her birthday. I then called her and she was having dinner with friends and told her Happy Birthday and why I had not called, and all was forgiven then. So here's to you Sirena, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope to see you tonight to give you your present too (she is newly single and living that fabulous single girl life now). Love ya lots girlie, you have come a long way in your short life and I know that you are destined for even greater things. HUGS & KISSES to you, MOM.

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