Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What I have been up to now that summer is here...

The SIL and BIL loved their gift. I named it Green Apples (his nickname is Apple btw).
Tubing everyone at Stockton lake over the 4th of July Holiday

And hanging out in "party cove" at same lake (yes that is a blow up doll, her name is Sally and it made it really easy to find our peeps among all the other boats out there when we were done tubing the kids). You can see just a small portion of our boat on the left hand side).

I got the art studio cleaned up tonight, so maybe if my pocket book allows it soon I can get more fabric and start some more quilts. Or maybe I should finish up some unfinished knitting, huh? I have not knitted in several months now, but I can do that come fall, right?

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