Monday, October 15, 2007

It was her birthday!!

This is my little sister on her birthday this past weekend. We all went on a adults only camping and ATV riding weekend in the Mark Twain National Forest. We got to celebrate her birthday while there. Check her out, here she is opening her present from me.

Here she is with it opened realizing what it is. If you guessed a rag quilt you are correct!!

And last but not least the shot of her walking thru the woods with it wrapped around her.
I am telling you all these things are so quick and easy to make. This is my second rag quilt and I had it done in approximately 6-7 hours tops!! I even found some spring loaded scissors the week before at Joann's that were 50% off and so much easier to cut these little rags then a regular pair of scissors. I was able to get it all cut while watching Grey's last week and enjoy a glass of wine, then off to the washing machine it went. I did have a little trouble with the washer though, it was a uneven load and kept coming out soaking wet. I finally threw in some towels with it and it was all good. I think she liked it, what do you think?

I am still knitting though, I took the log cabin blanket with me on the car ride to the campground, which was almost 200 miles south, and got another round of color put on it. It is getting bigger with each round of color and it has been fun to experiment with all the colors. I also snuck on over to Branson (it was only 30 miles away) and went to the fabric store down there to buy more flannel. The prices were not to my liking, but I did get some in order to start another quilt. I asked the lady cutting my fabric if there was a good yarn store in the area and she said no. Then the shop owner spoke up and said "that's it, we are going to start selling yarn in this place. Everyday someone asks that same question and I am just going to have to take the plunge and start selling it".

For now, keep on knitting..

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Can you knit at work??

Today was our weekly yarnoholic meeting here at work. Some of us gals get together and knit or crochet on Tuesday's during our lunch hour in my office. I have been wandering lately how many of us knitters out there are allowed to knit at work?? I know that there are some that are allowed to do this in their down time and some of us that this would be totally unacceptable to their bosses. The boss thinks that if you are all caught up with your work then you should go and find something else to do. WE all know that there is always something else to do in our jobs usually.

I myself work for the county government and I have a boss that would look down on me if she saw me knitting at my desk even though all my work is caught up. Of course I can surf the internet when I am caught up and no one really says a word about that, but damn if I was to be knitting at my desk. Does not make a lick a sense to me, but I am a knitter and would love to be able to knit at my desk when my other work is done instead of cruising the internet and making it look like I am working.

Leave me a comment and let me know, can you or can you not knit at work?

Here is a picture of what I have gotten done on the log cabin blanket. I am using Lion Brand's Vanna White collection and since it is 100% acrylic I am not so sure I like the feel of it. I can be a yarn snob most times and prefer natural fibers.

For now, keep on knitting...

Monday, October 08, 2007

I have started the log cabin blanket

I was able to get alot of knitting done this past weekend (YEA!!). I actually started this project last week and was able to knit while Grey's was on Thursday night then worked on it some more during the football game yesterday. I should have taken some pictures to post on here but it got too late last night.

I was just thinking about how many UFO's have around the house. Let's list them here:

A sweater being knit in the round from the Fabulous Elizabeth Zimmerman. I started this in September 06 and am too the point to begin the colorwork around the yoke. It got put to the side there for a while last winter and I could not bear to pick up wool this past summer.

Monkey socks in the second colorway sent to me this year from the socks that rock. I seem to be really slow at knitting socks, but so enjoy doing them. I have read where others have this sock pattern memorized, but not me.

The log cabin blanket a mentioned above.

Another rag quilt to be donated to charity at work and sold in a raffle ticket sale. This project is very addicting because it goes so fast. I like instant gratification.

Wow, that is all I can think of at the moment. It seemed like so many more when I walk into my art studio which is such a mess, but a fun mess no less.

I am also wanting to make another rag quilt for a Christmas gift for the gift exchange we will be doing at my sister in law's. I am seeing myself making several of these for gifts to be honest. Knitting a blanket takes so much longer and the cost is about same for materials. The saleslady at the fabric store said that these rag quilts seem to be the item to make since they have been selling alot of flannel fabric for them. I really need to find a place that has a better selection and a BIG sale as well. Don't worry though, I will still be knitting. I like to knit in the living room with the family around, but the sewing I have to do upstairs in the art studio (a child's bedroom that has since moved out) and it can be lonely up there.

Well for now, keep on knitting, or quiliting, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

No title today, because I am not creative enough...

But I do have pictures to share. First up, a crochet doll my co-worker/girlfriend made for me a few weeks ago. I think she made it in the image of myself, so I am calling her Jodi (childhood name).
Second up is a picture of our finished roof on the upper deck and a rag quilt that I made this weekend (so fast to make!).
And last but not least is my tandem bike. Hubby and I rode 10 miles on it last night around the Longview Lake bike trails in our neighborhood. Ten miles!! We outdid ourselves for sure.