Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Can you knit at work??

Today was our weekly yarnoholic meeting here at work. Some of us gals get together and knit or crochet on Tuesday's during our lunch hour in my office. I have been wandering lately how many of us knitters out there are allowed to knit at work?? I know that there are some that are allowed to do this in their down time and some of us that this would be totally unacceptable to their bosses. The boss thinks that if you are all caught up with your work then you should go and find something else to do. WE all know that there is always something else to do in our jobs usually.

I myself work for the county government and I have a boss that would look down on me if she saw me knitting at my desk even though all my work is caught up. Of course I can surf the internet when I am caught up and no one really says a word about that, but damn if I was to be knitting at my desk. Does not make a lick a sense to me, but I am a knitter and would love to be able to knit at my desk when my other work is done instead of cruising the internet and making it look like I am working.

Leave me a comment and let me know, can you or can you not knit at work?

Here is a picture of what I have gotten done on the log cabin blanket. I am using Lion Brand's Vanna White collection and since it is 100% acrylic I am not so sure I like the feel of it. I can be a yarn snob most times and prefer natural fibers.

For now, keep on knitting...


H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

Being that I'm a dental hygienist, and I don't have a desk to sit at, I can't sit at my desk and knit. I can, however sharpen instruments, order supplies etc. but quite often, they stick another patient in my chair.

Perple said...

Hi Jodi! Checking out your little blogspot. I could knit anywhere I'd like, but I don't knit even though hubby calls it that! Grrr! However I do crochet. And I can do it at my desk or in my chair or in bed or riding in the car, you get it! 'Housewives' can pretty much make time to do it whenever they want! lol I like your log cabin afghan. I've never attempted the log cabin in crochet. Actually I prefer thread crochet these days and have not used much yarn lately. Still got a stash, but haven't dug it out for a while now. I keep my thread stash real handy though. Doilies are my speciality. Always looking for new patterns.
Well just wanted to say hi and check out your little corner of the world.
Your auntie, Billie