Wednesday, September 09, 2009

9-9-09 Good luck day

I say it was a good day. Completed the first day of a huge Social Security audit at my office, and it went smoothly, with the help of my fabulous co-workers. I have a good feeling that we will get a good grade on that.
Now, onto crafty news. Here is another spiral hat I completed a few weekends back, made with some wonderfully hand dyed and hand spun yarn from a local blogger that now has a Etsy shop. I love everything about this hat, the pattern (Elizabeth Zimmermans) , the feel of the yarn and the colors.

And a close up for your viewing pleasure..

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


We went to the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas this last weekend for a four wheeling trip with friends. Here is the Blue Hole, it is a old mining site that flooded and now the water is a wonderful blue color. Those little dots in the water are actual people on floats down there, that is how high up we were.
Some old stairs built into the side of the mountains at the Little Missouri Falls attraction.
I taught my girlfriend to knit on this camptrip. I think I have tried the last two times I have gone camping with her, but we always had lots of kiddies around and she could not concentrate long enough to get the hang of it. She did this weekend though and I am calling her our newest yarn whore. Welcome to your newest addiction Jennifer.

I so want my own sign that says this.