Wednesday, September 09, 2009

9-9-09 Good luck day

I say it was a good day. Completed the first day of a huge Social Security audit at my office, and it went smoothly, with the help of my fabulous co-workers. I have a good feeling that we will get a good grade on that.
Now, onto crafty news. Here is another spiral hat I completed a few weekends back, made with some wonderfully hand dyed and hand spun yarn from a local blogger that now has a Etsy shop. I love everything about this hat, the pattern (Elizabeth Zimmermans) , the feel of the yarn and the colors.

And a close up for your viewing pleasure..


Christine said...

Jolene, I LOVE YOUR HAT!!!! WOW! Can I link to your post? I think it's fabulous!

Jennifer said...

Well I made the blog. I guess I am a yarn whore. On a Friday night I have been sitting here knitting off and on, with just a few interruptions, for the past 5 hours. Now, I am not getting very far but I am getting there. Thanks Jolene for turning me on to this. You created a new knitting addict!