Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Computer!!

Guess what I got from hubby for Christmas? Yep, a brand new computer!! So far I love it. I had a little problem with getting connected since it has Vista on it but it is solved now for the most part. I am currently as I type trying to transfer the Ipod from the old computer to the new one. I have been working on it all morning and am just now finally starting to get somewhere with it. The scary part was that I had to delete all the files from the ipod while on the old computer and then transfer that file back to the ipod. Currently there are 128 minutes left on that tranfer going on with the old computer. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it works, otherwise I will have to download each every cd that I own onto this new computer and that will take even longer.

I in turn got the hubby a new computer as well, but it came with Windows XP (I had the option of Vista or windows XP when I bought it from Dell). His is working just fine. I am not too sure about this Vista though, but am going to keep pluggin along until I get it. He was shocked that I got him a computer. In his line of work he does not have much of a need for one so does not get online alot, but he said a few months back that he thought it would be fun to have his own computer to surf the internet when he wants to. Now he can.

All in all we all had a fabulous Christmas here. The rag quilts were a big hit with everyone. I got the last one done on Christmas eve, WHEW, I cut that one close. I am now back to my knitting again, and what a relive that is. Knitting is so much more relaxing to me then having a deadline to finish a project. I do that to myself every holiday season it seems. It was fun, and I am glad it over now.

I am on vacation this week, and am so glad. I plan on doing the usual housework around here and maybe clean out my closet. I have not done that in several years and it is a huge mess. I looked at those closet organizers in the ads, but my closet is not that big. It is a walk in closet but very small. You can walk in and take one step at the moment before tripping over something. In fact I should be doing that right now, but have been messing around with the new computer all morning. Which is way more fun then organizing a closet.

I will now leave you with some pictures of all the rag quilts done.

And here is one of hubby and I that I liked. This was taken a few months back at the American Royal barbeque in October.

For now, keep on knitting. I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Vacation

Is finally here!! I am so happy, I am taking all of next week off from work. I am ready for Christmas to be here, but am not ready for it. This weekend I will wrapping all the gifts and finishing up the rag quilts. I got two more sewn up last weekend, and now have to cut all the edges.
I stocked up on movies to watch all week so I am set to get cozy in the house. We have a snow storm coming tomorrow. Here in KC we have been getting most of the winter storms on the weekends, which is a good thing. Just need to go to the grocery store to get Christmas dinner and we are set.
I did not get to the 7th rag quilt (for the youngest daughter boyfriend), but may do it over the vacation break. I am not going to push myself on that one, it can wait.
My son did his physical for the Marines last weekend, and passed everything but the eye test. He can go back and retry with his glasses, but is now having second thoughts about the whole thing. He has a stigmatism (SP?) in one eye but never wants to wear his eyeglasses. I think this was a big eye opener (no pun intended) for him. I am just glad that that worry is over the moment.
I went shopping last weekend with all the kids and the girls tried to freak me out. We were at the local Walmart, and we all separated and went our own ways, then met back up when it was time to check out. The girls threw stuff into the shopping cart since I was the only one with a cart. At the checkout counter I am taking things out and putting on the conveyor belt and picked up a EPT test out of the cart!!! My heart skipped a beat and I looked at my married daughter and asked her if she was trying to tell me something. She smiled and said no it was not here, but that Valerie (the 18 yr old and still in high school) had put it in the cart. When I looked at Valerie, she bursts out laughing at me!!! She said it was a joke and there was nothing to worry about. They are so funny!!

Anyways, everyone have a Merry Christmas and keep on knitting..

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It is now officially 12 days til Christmas! ACK!!

I have barely started my shopping, and am only half way thru making my rag quilts. Three are done completely. The fourth one is all sewn up and ready for me to begin cutting all the edges now. Oh, and I bought more material in order to make two more. Now I have a total of 7 to make. One for each child plus son in law for a total of 4, one for mom, one for Christmas party Chinesse Christmas exchange, and one for daughter's boyfriend equals 7!! Why do I do this to myself??? Not sure about that last for the boyfriend, but we all really like him, so I will try to get it done for him. He has been really impressed with these quilts as I show them off. Yes all the kids have seen them, I just can't wait to see their reactions. I will still wrap them and give them to them on Christmas though. Am I mentally ill or what??

Work is still crazy busy, I am also working overtime in the evenings so it does not leave much time for crafting. I try to do as much of my crafts on the weekends. We were pretty much stuck inside all of last weekend, and I should have done more crafting but didn't. We did manage to get the tree up and decorated and then became couch potatoes and watched movies most of the weekend. I had a lousy week at work last week and really couldn't muster the creativity to work on the crafts. Sometimes we all just need mental days off from everything.

It doesn't feel like the holidays to me this year. My son informed us this week that he is thinking of enlisting with the Marines. I am proud of him for thinking this way, but so worried as well since we are in a war. I think I am in shock from the news. He met with the recruiter today and it all went well. My son lamenated about all the good things the military would do for him, but then he said in the middle of the phone conversation " I love you Mom". That was really weird coming from my 20 year old son since I am the one to tell him that first and usually not that often now that he is grown. I asked him what brought that on and he just said he is now really afraid of dying if he does this. I think the seriousness of all this has got him thinking, which is good. I want him to be serious about this decision and make the right choice for him, whatever that may be. We will support him if he does enlist and say our prayers everyday to keep him safe. It is so damn hard to let our children grow up!!!

That is it for now, keep on knitting ( I am still working on the log cabin blanket) and crafting whatever makes you happy....