Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Computer!!

Guess what I got from hubby for Christmas? Yep, a brand new computer!! So far I love it. I had a little problem with getting connected since it has Vista on it but it is solved now for the most part. I am currently as I type trying to transfer the Ipod from the old computer to the new one. I have been working on it all morning and am just now finally starting to get somewhere with it. The scary part was that I had to delete all the files from the ipod while on the old computer and then transfer that file back to the ipod. Currently there are 128 minutes left on that tranfer going on with the old computer. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it works, otherwise I will have to download each every cd that I own onto this new computer and that will take even longer.

I in turn got the hubby a new computer as well, but it came with Windows XP (I had the option of Vista or windows XP when I bought it from Dell). His is working just fine. I am not too sure about this Vista though, but am going to keep pluggin along until I get it. He was shocked that I got him a computer. In his line of work he does not have much of a need for one so does not get online alot, but he said a few months back that he thought it would be fun to have his own computer to surf the internet when he wants to. Now he can.

All in all we all had a fabulous Christmas here. The rag quilts were a big hit with everyone. I got the last one done on Christmas eve, WHEW, I cut that one close. I am now back to my knitting again, and what a relive that is. Knitting is so much more relaxing to me then having a deadline to finish a project. I do that to myself every holiday season it seems. It was fun, and I am glad it over now.

I am on vacation this week, and am so glad. I plan on doing the usual housework around here and maybe clean out my closet. I have not done that in several years and it is a huge mess. I looked at those closet organizers in the ads, but my closet is not that big. It is a walk in closet but very small. You can walk in and take one step at the moment before tripping over something. In fact I should be doing that right now, but have been messing around with the new computer all morning. Which is way more fun then organizing a closet.

I will now leave you with some pictures of all the rag quilts done.

And here is one of hubby and I that I liked. This was taken a few months back at the American Royal barbeque in October.

For now, keep on knitting. I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday!

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H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

Gorgeous quilts. I knit until the night before Christmas eve to get my projects finished. I know what you mean, it is so much more fun when you don't have a deadline.