Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It is now officially 12 days til Christmas! ACK!!

I have barely started my shopping, and am only half way thru making my rag quilts. Three are done completely. The fourth one is all sewn up and ready for me to begin cutting all the edges now. Oh, and I bought more material in order to make two more. Now I have a total of 7 to make. One for each child plus son in law for a total of 4, one for mom, one for Christmas party Chinesse Christmas exchange, and one for daughter's boyfriend equals 7!! Why do I do this to myself??? Not sure about that last for the boyfriend, but we all really like him, so I will try to get it done for him. He has been really impressed with these quilts as I show them off. Yes all the kids have seen them, I just can't wait to see their reactions. I will still wrap them and give them to them on Christmas though. Am I mentally ill or what??

Work is still crazy busy, I am also working overtime in the evenings so it does not leave much time for crafting. I try to do as much of my crafts on the weekends. We were pretty much stuck inside all of last weekend, and I should have done more crafting but didn't. We did manage to get the tree up and decorated and then became couch potatoes and watched movies most of the weekend. I had a lousy week at work last week and really couldn't muster the creativity to work on the crafts. Sometimes we all just need mental days off from everything.

It doesn't feel like the holidays to me this year. My son informed us this week that he is thinking of enlisting with the Marines. I am proud of him for thinking this way, but so worried as well since we are in a war. I think I am in shock from the news. He met with the recruiter today and it all went well. My son lamenated about all the good things the military would do for him, but then he said in the middle of the phone conversation " I love you Mom". That was really weird coming from my 20 year old son since I am the one to tell him that first and usually not that often now that he is grown. I asked him what brought that on and he just said he is now really afraid of dying if he does this. I think the seriousness of all this has got him thinking, which is good. I want him to be serious about this decision and make the right choice for him, whatever that may be. We will support him if he does enlist and say our prayers everyday to keep him safe. It is so damn hard to let our children grow up!!!

That is it for now, keep on knitting ( I am still working on the log cabin blanket) and crafting whatever makes you happy....


flmom said...

I made a rag quilt for each of my kids this year for Christmas. They saw me making them - there was no way around that. Thankfully one is too young to realize and the other is playing along with my story that it's not for him. They're fun to make, but I need to get started on mine much earlier next year!

H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

Someone told me once that all kids make decisions about things you wouldn't make for them. but this at least is a mature decision. and you will hold that "I love you in your heart forever".