Saturday, January 31, 2009

Crummy photo shoot

But I am going to share anyways because I said I would. The pictures at work did not turn out good either, so I took some of myself this morning in the mirror at home.
Here is a Elizabeth Zimmerman hat called the snail hat, the pattern is in the most recent Vogue Knitting magazine that just came out. Of course bulky yarn and big needles made this a fast project. The fingerless gloves are from A Friend to knit with blog. And here is my tam and so called scarf patterns that I got off of My tam came out a little big for my head and I thinking of washing it in the machine but don't want it to shrink too much.
I am still waiting on my webs order to get here so I can start some new projects.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I just caved in and gave in to my wants

Yep, I did it. Went and purchased some more yarn. Just placed a huge order over at Webs. I want to make this sweater for me . Hopefully I get it right this time for my size since the last two came out to small then too big for me. Luckily I had peeps I could give them to and they loved them and are wearing them this winter.
I have finished some more small projects, a tam for me and one for a friend at work, and the my so called scarf pattern to match my tam. I tried Friday to have a co-worker take a picture of my new matching hat and scarf set in front of the courthouse where I work, but they did not come out well. I am going to try again tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Monday, January 19, 2009

More Birthday Hats!

Here is the father in law with his birthday hat. He thought it was dorky, but I know that he prefers ballcaps to stocking caps. I've tried to convince him that this hat is way warmer that a ballcap, but you know how old guys are.

Here is the sister in law in her tam, a tam for a Tamia. I got the pattern over on Ravelry but did not save in my queue, so just search for tams, there are several to choose from. I loved this pattern and how it turned out.

The married daughter wore her wool sweater I made to work last week. This is the one I started for myself that came out too big for me. She likes it but says the arms are a little long, but not a problem.
I now want to go to the yarn store and buy yarn so I can start one for myself, but I have several unfinished projects around here I can work on. Must control myself!