Monday, January 19, 2009

More Birthday Hats!

Here is the father in law with his birthday hat. He thought it was dorky, but I know that he prefers ballcaps to stocking caps. I've tried to convince him that this hat is way warmer that a ballcap, but you know how old guys are.

Here is the sister in law in her tam, a tam for a Tamia. I got the pattern over on Ravelry but did not save in my queue, so just search for tams, there are several to choose from. I loved this pattern and how it turned out.

The married daughter wore her wool sweater I made to work last week. This is the one I started for myself that came out too big for me. She likes it but says the arms are a little long, but not a problem.
I now want to go to the yarn store and buy yarn so I can start one for myself, but I have several unfinished projects around here I can work on. Must control myself!

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