Monday, October 08, 2007

I have started the log cabin blanket

I was able to get alot of knitting done this past weekend (YEA!!). I actually started this project last week and was able to knit while Grey's was on Thursday night then worked on it some more during the football game yesterday. I should have taken some pictures to post on here but it got too late last night.

I was just thinking about how many UFO's have around the house. Let's list them here:

A sweater being knit in the round from the Fabulous Elizabeth Zimmerman. I started this in September 06 and am too the point to begin the colorwork around the yoke. It got put to the side there for a while last winter and I could not bear to pick up wool this past summer.

Monkey socks in the second colorway sent to me this year from the socks that rock. I seem to be really slow at knitting socks, but so enjoy doing them. I have read where others have this sock pattern memorized, but not me.

The log cabin blanket a mentioned above.

Another rag quilt to be donated to charity at work and sold in a raffle ticket sale. This project is very addicting because it goes so fast. I like instant gratification.

Wow, that is all I can think of at the moment. It seemed like so many more when I walk into my art studio which is such a mess, but a fun mess no less.

I am also wanting to make another rag quilt for a Christmas gift for the gift exchange we will be doing at my sister in law's. I am seeing myself making several of these for gifts to be honest. Knitting a blanket takes so much longer and the cost is about same for materials. The saleslady at the fabric store said that these rag quilts seem to be the item to make since they have been selling alot of flannel fabric for them. I really need to find a place that has a better selection and a BIG sale as well. Don't worry though, I will still be knitting. I like to knit in the living room with the family around, but the sewing I have to do upstairs in the art studio (a child's bedroom that has since moved out) and it can be lonely up there.

Well for now, keep on knitting, or quiliting, or whatever strikes your fancy.

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H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

I'd like to "keep on knitting" but it seems like my time is best spent doing other things. I was mad because yesterday my first patient cancelled and I could have knit for an hour (my doc won't pay me so I'm not sticking around). The I had a long lunch which would have been the perfect time to knit. But wouldn't you know, I decided to leave my knitting at home that day.