Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I gave my mom her sweater today and I think she liked it. I was worried about giving my mom a wool sweater in the middle of May, but it was cool today (is spring ever going to get here?) and it turned out to be a good present for the day.

I had the family over for a barbeque to celebrate all the Mom's on my side of the family. Here we are together, my sister in law Beth, my sister Robin, my mom, and then me.
Then the mom's with their kids, my SIL Beth with her two boys, Dillon and Brandon.
Me and my kids, Jeffrey, me, Sirena (she worked a split at Pizza hut so she is in her uniform) and Valerie in the front.
My sister Robin, and her three boys, Zach, Kyle, and John Robert.
And then my mom with her three kids, my sister Robin, my brother Gary, and me.
I hope you all had a FABULOUS mother's day, I know I did. Next weekend will be more of the same as we have the two girls graduating, WHO HOO!!


H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

We had a great Mom's day here at the castle. Actually, we spent it at my mom's. I cooked everyone brunch of waffels sausage bacon and coffee cake.

Christine said...

OH that sweater turned out so lovely! I love the mom & kids pics of you all. What a great mother's day!