Thursday, November 05, 2009

Trying to find my path in life..

Something about this picture makes me feel good about the time that I dedicate to my daytime job. This picture was taken a little over a month ago. It was taken to commerate the forced leaving of one co worker who is not in the picture (we figure he would have quit or retired on his own if he had the choice and we would have given him a party to celebrate same, this picture is being given to him soon when we go to visit away from the office). His position was cut due to budget cuts. I had supervised him for over 10 years. A few weeks after the picture was taken, the co worker on the end, retired to be a stay at home mom to her 7 adoptive kids. She had also been with with us for over 10 years. I am now left with supervising only 3. As much as I love the work I do, and the co workers that I am blessed to spend my days with, I keep wondering if it is really my path in life. And is the ax coming my way, should I make a change in myself first...

Maybe it is time to seriously look at other ways to make a living off of what I can do or make myself? I have read that in times of recessions/depressions that the best business ideas are born. Why am I so fearful of taking the steps to make that happen? I think it is because I do not have faith in myself. I think if I write this down and make it public it will force me to start taking those steps to make it happen. I am afraid to fail, and if I don't try, then I can keep telling myself that I did not fail. But successful people take those failures and keep trying until they find what works. In recent weeks I have proven to myself that I can do what I set my mind to ( I am still smoke free ya'll !) . I just have to commit to what I want to do. What path I want to take.

I want to make a living from what my hands, heart, and mind can create because that is what I love to do. There I said it. Now I just have to make it happen, right?

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