Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Birthday Hats

Those two up there are two of my favorite family members, hubby on the left, and his neice Sam. They share the birthday month of November. Last year at the birthday dinner when the neice found out how great my knitted hats were she asked if I would make her one. At the time I was all into making the caps with ear flaps. She asked if I would make her a hat as she would always buy a funky hat each winter. I was elated to say the least that someone in the family actually wanted me to make them something instead of just accepting something I made them by hand, and jumped at the chance. She got her hat with earflaps at Christmas last year. I think these birthday hats are now a tradition as I have been doing them for two years in a row. Oy! I am going to have stay on top (no pun intended) on the creative hats now.

Every year the SIL (Sams mom) makes her homemade spaghetti sauce for the birthday dinners at her house. I love that spaghetti sauce and look forward to it all year. It was also my moms birthday this month. Matter of fact the neice and my mom share the same birthday. Mom got the same type of hat but I did not have my camera yesterday when I went over to visit her on her day.

BTW I plan on making a whole bunch more of those fabulous hats for Christmas. They are super fast to make with big yarn and big needles. And tomorrow I have a holiday from work, it is Veterans day and I plan on staying home to knit and watch Netflix all day, maybe even staying in my PJs all day! WOO HOO!!


Christine said...

sounds like a wonderful day! LOVE the hats! :)

Jennifer said...

Great hats! And you are right...they are easy to make. My first hat is this one pictured and Aunt Ween taught me how to make it. Can't wait to get it done this week and get a pic of it!!