Monday, March 10, 2008

PJ bottoms

That is what I made this weekend, loungey pants. I would post a picture but while at home I could not find the USB cable for the camera because I have it at work. Now I am at work and the camera is at home. Go figure!
I am usually not a person that sews clothes, but these were super easy to make. The pattern said it would only take a hour, but it took me 3 hours. At least now I know what I am doing and I think it would only be an hour on the next pair that I make. I got the idea from this blogger , A Friend to knit with, and wanted to get the book she used In Stitches by Amy Butler, but no place around town had the book. On Saturday while in the fabric store I picked up a plain PJ bottom's pattern and got some fabric. I made the large ones but should have went with the mediums. I can be a in between size with the ones you buy at the store depending on how they are made. I loved them anyways. Sunday night I ordered the book from Amazon and will now wait for it to make the lounge pants I really want.
I also had to buy a new iron Sunday. My old one fell off the ironing board on Saturday when I was setting up to sew the pants. Hubby was just coming up the stairs into the studio when it fell off the board and he then asked if I thought it would still work. I said sure, no problem. Well, I was wrong! Good thing about it is that I was able to get a Rowenta iron this time around. I hear those are really good. The old iron always leaked water from somewhere when I was trying to steam iron, this new is not supposed to leak. I will let you know but I am sure I will really like it.

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H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

Years ago when I got divorced, my ex took the iron. I've never had one since. I guess you place a lot more importance on ironing than I do. But have fun with your Rowenta.