Sunday, April 12, 2009

I have been lost but now I am found

First off, Happy Easter to you all! According do the dates on this blog, I have been MIA for darn near a month, how did that happen? Guess I have been in funk and I blame the damn weather. Spring is taking forever to get here and I miss the sunshine and being outdoors.
So this last week found me rummaging around in my fabric stash. Our son is getting married in June and I need/want to make them a quilt. I then found this quilt top buried under a pile of batting and since I have been wanting to try the free motion quilting for ages now and have never commited to it yet, I decided this would be the perfect top to try that out on.
I put the three layers together Friday afternoon, and commenced on the free motion quilting all day yesterday. It looks like a drunk person did the quilting on this one, but I am still verrrry happy with it. I decided before even finishing this project that it would be a pratice quilt and I would use it for camping anyways, so no pressure, just practice. It was a lot of work to work this quilt in my sewing machine (due to the bulk and my small sewing arm) and I took serveral breaks, but in the end I got it done by evening time yesterday.
Now it is off to find a quilt pattern for the son getting married. Their colors are black, red and white. I can't wait to get started now that my crafting mojo is coming back.

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