Monday, June 02, 2008

Finished objects!!

Just a short note, I got the baby quilt done this weekend, WHO HOO!! I liked how it came out all crinkled looking, but my make your own binding needs some more practice. Got me a free motion quilting machine needle this weekend also (on sale at Hancocks!!). I want to try and practice that also.
I better get hubby up to the art studio though if I want to continue working up there. He needs to get the little air conditioning unit hooked up for me. I sweated like a pig up there this last Saturday and it was not a hot flash!
I also finished the granny square baby blanket. It was done, I just had to weave in a billion ends. Finally set my butt down and did it. Whew! Glad that part is done. Now I just have to get it in the mail to the baby that is over 2 months old now.
Will post more later, I want to get some of those graduation pics up here of the girls. Those are in the youngest daughters camera.

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amandajean said...

your quilt is so pretty! I like the colors you chose.