Monday, January 21, 2008

Remember the SIL I taught to knit?

Here she is last night at dinner showing off the new scarf she finished. She even added pockets to it at the end!! Can you believe that? I was way impressed with her new skill. She says she even went out and bought more yarn and needles to begin making her lap blanket. It is even going to have a pouch at the end of end of it so she can stick her feet it in. Then her boyfriend chimed in to say that he did not realize how expensive yarn can be, I quickly shused him up. Hey there could be way worst things us ladies could spend money on right?

Here is the progress on the granny square blanket today. I was good and cleaned out my closet before working on it today. Cleared out more than 4 bags of clothes that will go to a local charity. I feel better with little bit of dreary housework done, and I even have room to hang my clothes with fighting with them. The colors are not showing up good on the camera, but it also almost dark here at home.
Here is some shots of the rag quilt that I gave to SIL yestereday for her birthday. She really liked it and I think I surprised her. Now I need to make one for my niece, she so wants one of these. I told her she has to wait til her birthday, but she said not fair, that is in November. She doesn't know it but I will make her one before then. I will just watch for the fabric to go on sale again.
Keep on crafting, knitting, crocheting, quiliting, whatever floats your boat.

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