Thursday, January 10, 2008


Here is the log cabin blanket!! Now I am trying to decide if I should go buy more yarn and make it bigger? At this point it is approx 40 x 40 ( I think, I did not measure). Not very useful if you really need to warm up. I am also kind of tired of working on it. I think I will just end up putting it to the side for a few days before actually deciding.

I used the pattern from the Mason Dixon knitting book, it is just plain old garter stitch. I have to say it is a good project to have around the house when you want to knit but do not want to have to worry about following a pattern or counting stitches. I am not sure though if I am pleased with the colors on this project though. I was in a rush when I bought the skeins of yarn a while back and did not really consider how they would all go together. I just tried to pick a even number of light colors and dark colors. I even screwed that part up, I was short one light color.

The next one that I do like this I think I will make each side it's own color category, like all reds, then all blues, and greens, and then all yellows and oranges, or something along those lines. There will for sure be another done. I just want to use a better quality yarn, so I am saving my yarn funds for that.

At my house at the moment, it is all about finishing up unfinished projects. I think alot of us knitters are doing that at this time of year. I do not want to spend any funds until I get some of those Christmas bills paid off. At least I have a little yarn stash so that if I want to start a new project I can.

For now, keep on knitting...

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