Thursday, January 31, 2008

It is not snowing yet....

I brought this to work with me this morning just in case the office closed down early due to the HUGE snow storm we are supposed to be in right now here in Kansas City. See, I ride with my hubby to work each day, and he can not always get off early if we close our office down early due to weather. The way I figure it is, if the others can leave early and still get paid til 4:30, then why should I sit here and work until my ride gets here (we are not allowed to earn comp time or get paid overtime). This is what was going to keep me busy if I was going to be stuck in my office this afternoon.
A skein of Socks that Rock from last years rocking sock club ( I did not join this year due to budget issues), and that clear bag is a yarn bag my youngest daughter gave me for Christmas that I have not had a chance to try out yet. The other little brown bag with skulls on it is something I picked up for a $1.00 and I use for all my little knitting accessories.

I have been reading some other blogs about quilts, and it appears that February is some type of Quilt month. Remember that fabric I told you I bought a while back? It is all reds in various different patterns and then I got 6 yards of some white cotton for the backing and the front. I want to make me a quilt in red and white, but have not found a pattern I want to use yet. I think with February being the Valentine month and this fabric being reds, now is the time to make same. I could not resist buying the fabric shortly after Christmas and it is still sitting up there in my studio waiting to become something warm and cozy.
Too bad it is not snowing today or I could have been at home working on something like that. UGH, having to work a reqular job so sucks!! I wish I could make money from my crafts and be at home happily creating things for others to love and buy. Then again, it may become a drag having to make stuff all the time to make a living. Worth a try though, don't cha think?

Anyways, keep on crafting and goodbye to January and hello February! Winter is half over now.

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