Friday, January 11, 2008

What did you do for lunch today?

I went with some co workers to check out the contemporary quilts on display at our public library here in Kansas City. I work downtown so it is within walking distance for us around here.

This one was interesting, the artist used a picture of her neighbor for the face on this one.

This one really caught our eyes, it is so colorful. The artist was going for a hot summer day and the coolness of eating a watermelon.
This one was just gorgeous, my pictures do not do it justice at all.
I liked this one because it is birch trees. The artist made this one in memory of a fond relative that passed away to remind her of all the good times they shared at a family cabin in Colorado. Those birch trees are so lovely in the fall out in Colorado.
Not sure if I was inspired to try anything like this, but I did enjoy it. These artist have spent a lot of time on their quilts and it shows. Me on the other hand am all about getting it done fast so that I can enjoy it and show it off. I just don't want to spend tons of time on a project, so I tend to look for fast and easy ones that are more doable for me. I do respect these quilt makers though for all their hard work, it takes a lot of patience to do this type of art.

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