Sunday, January 20, 2008

I am so weak....

This is what I went out and bought Friday evening. I told you I wanted to start that damn granny square blanket NOW. So I went and bought the yarn and a crochet hook to go with said project. Hey it beats cleaning out my closet or the art studio.
I finished the rag quilt for SIL, I will give it to her tonight at dinner. I hope she likes it. Everyone else here around the house liked the colors. I had to make myself finish it, that basket of yarn was in the same room I was and was calling out to me!! I will post a picture of same later. The camera is not cooperating on showing those pastel blues and greens very good today.
Gotta go, we have to stop my father in laws house to get his internet connection to work on the old lap top I passed his way and then it is off to dinner.

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