Thursday, September 04, 2008

Did you say you need a blanket?

This is why I like to make blankets. One of the nephews using the first ripple blanket I made on the car ride last weekend to the camping area. That car ride was horrendous! I was looking forward to working on the new blanket for most of the car ride. And I did on the ride down. It was the ride back that I did not touch the wool yarn at all. Why? Because the truck had a frigging leak in the air conditioner and we had no air on the ride back! Which would not have been too bad but it was over 90 degrees that day and so humid. Oh, and I was sitting on the sun side of the car for more than half the ride. I am talking a 8 hour car ride here. UGH!
Anyways, the trip was lots of fun for the nephews and the grown men and I had a lovely time being some place new to explore. We went to Arkansa in the Ouchita Mountains. Reminded me of parts of Colorado. It was very humid there and we left Monday morning and saw lots of relief vehichles headed down to New Orleans to help out with the Gustav hurricane.

Above is the progress I have made on the new ripple blanket. Super easy and I sat there last night working on it for 4 hours!! I also realized that I have several projects going at once again. I think I will work on the EZ sweater tonight as my extra skein of yarn came in over the weekend. Not sure if I said anything about that project, but it is another fair isle piece, similiar to the one I made for my mom, just this time it will be for me. Then there is the project that I have to get started to make mom a poncho for her birthday in November. There is also a pair of socks waiting to be finished that I started last winter. And a quilt I started in the spring for a quilt a long. And, and, and, oh hell, I give up! I will just work on whatever pleases me at the moment.

Keep on crafting.

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H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

I have multiple projects going on right now too. I actually did a knitters update today, finally. I use acrylics for baby blankets because after the kids puke on them in the middle of the night, their mom's don't have to loose sleep handwashing them.