Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A little show and tell

Above is the lovely fair isle sweater that is still too big for me. I had the married daughter try it on and it fits her. She usually does not like sweaters with crewnecks, but this one was a little bigger than most and it did not ride up on her throat and make her feel like she was choking. She said she will take it, so it will be hers as soon as I am done weaving in the ends. At least now I know what size my sweater needs to be. I kept better written directions this time around. Now if I can only remember what I did with those?

And here we have some fair isle hats with earflaps. My latest projects. I sorta made my own patterns by following Elizabeth Zimmermans directions in the book Opionated Knitter. I have discovered that I can knit fairly well with both hands, but when I go to just knit with my left hand ( I normally knit the English way) I am at a lost. Hmpf, I was really wanted to become a picker instead of a thrower too. One is for the son in law and the other is for a family friend. Their birthdays are this weekend.

Speaking of birthdays, mine was last weekend. I was able to attend the weekend Plaza Art Fair and make a trip to the local yarn store there. I then went to my sisters for a little get together to celebrate my birthday. Fun time had by all. Yes, that is me in the middle at the grand old age of 41 trying to jump on the trampoline with the younger kids! Who Yoo for me. I did not last long.

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Christine said...

I LOVE the trampoline shot! Glad the sweater fits someone. It's lovely. I always used to do that too, think I was bigger than I really was and THEN knit a size up just in case. I find what helps me is to measure a sweater I have that I like the fitting and use those numbers in my EZ stuff.