Tuesday, September 09, 2008

This was my view for most of last night. My work on the fair isle sweater continues. I have about 2 more inches of plain knitting to go before I can begin the fun part, the color work. Yippee!
I still have to wind up the skeins of color I have picked up, all in the pink and purple family. Then do a swatch of the pattern to see how it turns out before committing it to the sweater. I should do like EZ says and make a hat. I really just want to get to the color work and begin that part though but know I need to take my time with the colors and make sure I get it the way I want. Otherwise I will not wear the sweater if I do not like it. Too much work involved at this point to hurry thur.
Today is knitting/crochet day at work. THere are now only two of us that meet at lunch for this time and it is what makes us look forward to coming to work on Tuesdays.
Keep on crafting...

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H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

oo,ooo, pink and purple, I want to wear that sweater! And how do you get away with knitting at work.