Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Project!!!

Here is my order from Knit picks. I have had it for a over a week, but just last night finally picked a blanket pattern that I am going to work on. It is the crochet soft waves from the 200 ripple pattern book. I cast on last night after having my favorite crochet girlfriend assure me that I was doing the pattern properly on a swatch. Now that I have started I have realized that this blanket is going to be approximately 50" wide but only about 42" long, which is not long enough at all. I will have to order more yarn, for shame!!

I was going to make this a birthday present for my mom for her upcoming 60th birthday in November, but she has since hinted to me that she wanted another poncho instead. I have that order of yarn coming in the mail this week. I got a bargain over at Webbs on some Rowan yarn at 50% off. Only problem is she will have to hand wash it as it is wool, but hey you can wear a poncho lots of times without having to wash it ever time you wear it, right?

Now that fall is right around the corner (although here in KC it is has been a exceptionally cool August), I am ready to get back to my knitting and crafting projects. I am already thinking Christmas projects, although I have no idea what to make. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Here is some news on the family front, as of today my son is moving out (sniff, sniff..), I am really happy for him, but still worry about him making it in the world on his own. Like can he or will he handle the rent and utilities payments on top of all the other daily living expenses he has. This is officially his first time out on his own, so I want to make sure he can make it. He is 21 now, so you would think I could cut those apron strings, huh? I think us moms worry about the kids no matter what age they are. The youngest, whom I will now call College girl, has started her first year at Rockhurst University. She wants to be a nurse and they have a great nursing program there. High school was easy for her, but I have noticed that she is spending most of her free time doing a LOT of studying. I know that she will adjust though by the end of the semester and do just fine. The married daughter is doing just fine also, she was able to buy a couple of jetski's and has spent all her free time at the local lake. Ah, to be young again.
I will gladly take being 40 (almost 41 next month) and have all the kids grown up now. I miss not having them under foot anymore, but I am really enjoying the time hubby and I have to just ourselves now. College girl lives at home still but she is no problem at all.

I hope everyone had a fabulous summer and I will try to get back to blogging more regularly now. We are off for a mini vacation this weekend to go ATV riding with my sister and her family. I am not totally thrilled about the atv riding part (so bumpy!), but am looking forward to the getting out of town and camping by a creek part. And my nephews are usually a blast to hang out with!
Have a safe Labor Day Weekend all!

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