Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Place...

This is how I have been spending this Saturday for my weekending. Crafting is my happy place and I really need to be in a happy place this weekend.

So which one do you like better? Valerie and I are leaning towards the top one, but I still have to add more rows to make it big enough.
And this is my recent yarn purchase from treasuregoddess on etsy. Go and check out her shop you will not be disappointed.
I hope to be on the couch this evening planning what I am going to make with that yummy purple and green yarn.


Christine said...

OH that quilt looks fabulous!

I was just getting ready to leave a comment about the colors of your quilt, then scrolled down to see my yarn! Thanks for the sweet comment! Hope you enjoy it.

Monica said...

I really like the top quilt pattern better for some reason....I say go for that one.

YW sister