Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sinus Infection

that was the verdict today from the doctor. My girlfriends at work finally convinced me to go to the doctor today. This has been going on for almost a month and no over the counter crap was working. I must say I feel better already. Got the Z pack in antibiotics, took two around noon and it is now a little after 5 PM and I am starting to feel better already. I am glad too, I was missing my crafts.

I have not felt like doing anything in over 2 weeks now. This is my first time up in the art studio in that many weeks.

The youngest daughter had prom this last weekend, she looked smashing! The hairdo did not come out as we expected. I rolled her hair in the morning in sponge rollers and it came like she had a afro! We had to re wet and just let her wear her hair like she always does. I was worried for her that she would let this little catastrophe ruin her evening, but she ended up having a grand time. Good for her. I never went to prom, I was 7 months pregnant with the first child at that time in my life and had no desire (or date) to go.

Next month is going to a busy one for our family. I have one daughter graduating from the community college, another from highschool, and our son will be 21. Mind you we will have to celebrate all three of these events in the same weekend!! How are we are going to do that?? I am thinking of just on big ass party that weekend for them all. A barbeque, keg of beer and lots of family and friends of course. It should be fun no matter what. That is what happens when all three kids are two years apart in age. Big moments in life happen all at once.

What else is going on around here....not much. I even missed that baby shower a few weeks back due to being sick and a little family emergency that I can not discuss on this blog due to that person probably reads this blog. But rest assured for the moment the little emergency is at rest for the time being.

The husband and I went on date this last Saturday. We went bowling! Had not done that in years. I sucked the first game, better on the second, and kicked his ass finally on the third game. Afterwards we went to neighborhood bar and played pool and shuffle bar. It was fun evening and very nice to get out of the house for a change. Spring really has not come yet to KC and I miss it.

Well that is it for now, hopefully these drugs bring me back to my oldself soon and I will be crafting more.


H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

I month agao I was in the same boat with the sinus infection. Take care of yourself. Take some time off. Congrats to your girls. And to your son too, but that isn't quite the same accomplishment as graduating. And I agree. Have a big huge kick ass party, do it all at once!

Christine said...

I'm a big fan of the backyard barbeque and hangout party! Sounds great. Your daughter looks fabulous. You know, looking back on pictures I always wish I'd have just worn my hair normal anyway!

WOO HOO for all those kids!