Saturday, February 10, 2007

A finished object

I finished the first of three baby surpise sweaters that I need to have done for March, April and May. One for each month. The one I finished though is the one for the baby girl that is due in May. Leave it to me to do everything backwards. I wanted to use the alpaca yarn that my sister in law gave me for Christmas though. Now I just need to find the buttons to add.

Here is a pic of the yarn to be used for the second sweater. I am hoping that it is colors that will for both a girl or a boy.

It is Saturday, which means I get to knit all day. We were supposed to have some nasty weather move in, but it has been taken off the radar so to speak. I really should go outside and take down our Christmas lights, but it is terribly cold out and the hubby is working a side job and I would really need his help. I know, why are my lights still up anyways? I feel like one of those stupid houses that I used to make fun of because they had their lights up forever.... I think we have good excuses though. Most of us in the house were sick most of January off and on, and it was extremely January weather here in Kansas City. Most unusual considering we usually get a few weekends in January where it is good enough weather to get out there and take the darn lights down. That did not happen this year.

Sirena might be over to knit, I have not heard from her yet, but it is only late morning, and she is young and likes to sleep in on the weekend. She truly has this knitting bug, yarn obession going on now. I am really happy that we are connecting more as a mother and daughter now. Since she is always so busy with work, college classes at night and being married now, it is really great that she wants to come over and hang out with her mom and knit. I hear that her hubby likes to play the video games alot so now knitting gives something to do in her free time when he is playing those games non stop. I myself have never really seen the fascination with the video games, but apparently alot of young men (and now even some that are near my age) are completely obessed with them.

For now keep on knitting!

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Tracy said...

Very adorable sweater!

I clicked "random" on the Midwest Knitters ring and found your blog. I'm in the greater KC area too. Nice to find you!