Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another Tuesday, another chance to knit at work

IF you read this blog at all (and I am not convinced that anyone does because I get hardly any comments) you know that Tuesdays is yarnoholic meeting day at work. YIPPEE!! Tuesdays make it easier to come into the office knowing that I can spend my lunch hour knitting with the girls.
Yesterday, I got my confirmation from Blue Moon that I could place my order for the Socks that Rock. I did not hesitate at all at the price. But hubby was looking over my shoulder at the same time and saw the price and said "WTF"?? I asked him if he thought that was too much and he said Hell yeah! So I stopped, and placed my order at a later time when he was not around. Now I just have to figure out what I will tell him, when the order arrives in the mail. No biggie though, it was my money and I was splurged on myself this time, or for others that may become recipients of the socks that I knit.
My daughter is now getting her friends and co workers to learn to knit. She actually taught a girlfriend of hers and they are both so enthused about the knitting now. Looks like this Saturday I may be leading a knitting class at my home. I told the daughter that I not charge anyone, but if she keeps getting more people interested and wanting to learn I may have to charge them. Could be a great business adventure though and I am really excited about the prospects of this adventure. I have for a long time thought that it would be great to open up my own yarn store, but have shied away from that dream for several reasons.
It would be so nice to make a living from something that we enjoy doing, but then I think it may not be something that you like once it becomes work. Although, I would be so willing to try if I hit the Powerball lottery!!! We can dream, and if we are going to dream might as well dream big, right?
Onto to other knitting news. I went to the LYS this past weekend and picked up some more skeins of Cascade 220 for my sweater. I was still not happy with the color choices that I had so far, and go more colors with the help of my daughter. I will be getting back onto the project soon then. I am also almost done with the Baby Surprise Sweater that I am making for a pregnant co-worker, hope to finish that one today. I then have two more of them to make for friends that are pregnant as well. Oh, and I picked up more sock yarn at the LYS, one for daughter and one for me (then joined the socks that rock, go figure?). Guess I will be up to my ankles in socks this year.
One other thing, one of my knitting co-workers daughter is working for her Bronze award in the girlscouts and has a blog about knitting/crocheting/sewing preemie hats to give away to the local childrens hospital. Please check it out at Project Preemie Hats and if interested.

For now keep on knitting.

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Deana said...

Hey what about me? Am I chop liver. I finished my final stocking that I had to do and will be starting on the hats to help out our little crafter. See ya Tuesday. I will bring a bottle of asprins for all the questions I am going to have to ask.