Friday, February 16, 2007

A few more finished objects....

Here is one of the pair of socks I am currently knitting for daughter Sirena. Finished it this morning while in the doctor's office with her. Knitting in public, GASP!! I am always a little uncomfortable KIP, but I actually finished the toe and grated while waiting. She was having a MRI done today, hopefully it is nothing serious, but she having some major headaches that are lasting for days. I wanted to go with her for moral support. Her husband could not go, had to work, and I was able to take the day off. I do not know about you, but when I had one done, it was fairly traumatic for me. That whole feeling like I am in a coffin feeling is really gruesome. She came out alright though and then we got to go and have a leisurely breakfast.

Here is the hat that I knit for hubby for Valentine's day. He likes it, but it came out too small. I even ripped it out when I first started and thought that going up just one needle size would be enough, but it was not. So, I will have to knit him up a new one. I got it from the we call them pirates pattern website over at
helloyarn. Go check it out. I modified it a bit, but like this just as well. I was running out of time and space.
It really did not take that long, but I just waited too long to get started on it. I am always unsure if I should get my sweetie something for Valentines day or not. Last year when I mentioned it to him that I felt this way, he said that it should just be the buy doing the giving. Which is a good thing he feels that way because I am sticking to my credit card diet.
It is a holiday weekend for me, we have Monday President's day off. I will be able to get lots of knitting done this weekend, maybe even get that second sock done. I also need to work on some newborn hats for my little friend that is working on her bronze award for girlscouts. She has a blog here that has the patterns on it, take a look and see if you want to lend a hand.
For now keep on knitting...

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