Saturday, December 30, 2006

A disastorous evening

This is what one night of working on my current sweater yields. This is one of the sleeves and about 4 hours of work (I know I am a bit of a slow knitter, but it is all about relaxing when I knit). All was going well, and my goal was to finish the increases and then off to bed for the night. I was about finished when I realized, GASP!!!, I had forgotten to switch back to the larger needles when I was done with the ribbing on the cuff!!! I was so mad at myself for this little thing that will cause me to rip it all out.

Here is a close up of the back of the ribbed cuff. I was not real happy with how my increases were looking on the ribbed part, but I continued to push forward because I hate frogging!! So when I realized at the end of the evening the needle mishap, it was actually a good thing. Now I can redo the ribbing on the cuff and figure out how those increases should actual be done. All is well that ends well. This is the part where I turn a negative into a postive by saying that I learn something from my knitting. It is better to take one's time in starting back in on a project that was laid to the side for a extended period of time. Now I can also work out those little increases on the ribbed cuffs to make it come out better, or at least to my liking.

For now, keep on knitting!!

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erica said...

Increasing in ribbing can be frustrating. Did the pattern say to increase throughout the ribbing or just in the last few rows? Email me and I might be able to help you not be so frustrated.